Store Detectives & Retail Loss Prevention Services

While overall crime has fallen significally in the UK, shoplifting offences are up 6% in average ( theguardian, April 2014 ) - costing UK retailers more than £511m a year with almost quarter of theft never detected.

If you are running a retail business, a lot of theft result in lost sales and profits, and the most effective way to suppress customer theft is to use professional store detectives. Store detective can either add value to your business or can become a serious liability by either apprehending or antagonizing the wrong customers.

At London Security Services , our professional store detectives can either blend in with your staff as plain clothed security officers, or can act as visible deterrent and operative actively in our London Security Services smart uniform. Their job is prevent theft from your customers and staff while working with the management and store manager.

These are the duties of store detectives in your retail business:

All our store detectives are fully licensed by the SIA authority and have at least two years experience within the retail sector.

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