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More than three million incidents of anti social behaviour are still recorded each year in the UK, with many more likely to go unreported. And as many recent tragic cases have shown, it's often the most vulnerable who at the greatest risk of residential vandalism, aggravated burglaries and unprovoked attacks. Often people feel intimidated and threatened at the place where they should feel most secure.

With the recent law introduced in Novemeber 2012, local councils are, now, virtually powerless in tackling anti social behaviour ( The Observer, Sunday 4 Nov 2012 ). Direct surveillance will no longer be authorised for the so-called minor offences, such as noisy neighbours, drukenness and verbal abuse. These so-called petty crimes could be significally reduced if only the local authorities were more proactive.

Petty crimes scare home buyers and investors away; increase insurance premiums; and they are not usually committed by petty criminals. Police and local authorities, usually, don't have the time and resources to protect and act on behalf of the victim.

We, at London Security, we understand and appreciate the need to discretion and privacy for yourself, your family, your friends or your staff. Every security solution should be tailored to fit your daily routine and lifestyle.

Whether you are at home or away for few days , our residential security team can manage your home or business premises security by monitoring the outer cordon of your residence or location and prevent unwanted individuals getting access to your property. In-house security team usually go about their daily routines with minimal disruption to the occupiers' lifestyle or staff's work routine. They can be either highly visual or discreet in their presence.

When you are away from home, we can carry out unpredicted daily visits and patrols . We inspect your home or business premsies internally and externally; check your alarm system; check your vehicles; remove any absence indicators such as mail and parcels; and in case of any incident we liaise with the local authority and service providers.

Whether your home or business premsies are in central London, or a rural residence, we make sure it's protected round-the-clock by our uniformed and trained security officers - with or without guard dogs.

Static surveillance

Static surveillance is used to monitor suspect activities and behaviour of a person or a group from a non-mobile location. Our agents are expected to remain concealed and static at the same location for as long as it takes till they obtain the necessary information. This type of surveillance is useful for Ad-hoc activities such as fly-tipping, drug-dealing or harrassement of residents.

Mobile surveillance

This option is the most common type of surveillance consisting of following the suspect using any type of transport service. This is type of surveillance is suitable for protecting assets, tracking employees and matrimonial or relationship issues. Using the latest technology, our agents are able to operate and obtain photography and video footage of the best possible quality - by day and night.

Our residential security services and your right to privacy

Our residential services operatives are expected to be well aware of the need to comply with the UK laws that protect personal information. To make sure that we and you don't end up in the wrong side of the law, our residential security team comply to all legal requirements set by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), Data Protection Act 1998 and Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. Evidence gathered through surveillance, such as hand written logs, videos and photographs may be used as evidence for court hearings.

Our residential security team can act as a visible deterrent or as a discrete part of your family, company or team.

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