Door Supervision & Crowd Management

The responsabilities of a door supervisor go far beyond greeting your customers as they enter your premises. They are the first impression you give to your customers, and we at London Security Services, we make sure it's positive one.

We believe that the security industry, in the UK, has long moved away from the negative "bouncer" stereotype. Being a good door supervisor is far from being a tough, thug-like scrapper who loves to fight. The best bouncers don't "bounce" anyone. They are expected to be friendly, and they should be able to deal with any type of customer without appearing threatening or initimidating: It is all about brain - not brawn.

Employing overly agressive doormen with little regards to the wellbeing and safety of your customers can only affects the reputation of your business: Non aggression approach is key to solve any conflict, however challenging or intimidating.

Our professional doormen pride themselves on being able to talk people down - including those who violate the rules of your venue.

These are the key duties of door supervisors while managing the security of your venue.

Being POLITE but FIRM is our code for managing any conflict.

We can provide doorman - both male and female - to leisure venues, hotels and taxi ranks in any part of Greater London and all the South of England.

All of our door doormen are fully licensed by the SIA authority.

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