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Theft alone costs the UK construction industry more than £800 million a year with only 10% recovery rate. Vehicules, fuel, equipments, machinery, fuel and metals, such as copper and lead, can be a good incentive for criminals to make quick and easy profit.

At London Security Services, we ensure that your site is fully protected and secure. Our security officers can act as a visual deterrent when your employees are not at the site and as protective firewall during business hours, allowing in and out only authorised personnel.

Whether it's a temporary or round-the-clock security guarding service, we provide you with the right, dedicated security team.

These are the roles of our security officers in securing your construction or commercial site :

Before undertaking any new contract, we conduct comprehensive risk and security assessments of the site to identify susceptible areas and where you're most at risk, and then implement the right procedure to secure the site.

All our security officers are fully licensed by the SIA authority and have undergone a comprehensive 5 year vetting and screening programme.

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