Close Protection Services

Whether it is a threat from criminal gangs or terrorist organizations or even common thieves, today's world is increasingly becoming a dangerous and uncertain place. Personal protection and escort services have become a necessity - rather than a luxury for the well-off, the famous, and the vulnerable. The threat that once existed for only the rich and famous can now be perceived as concern for decision makers, business executives, sport personalities, celebrities and anyone who happens to be in the spotlight.

Whether you are an executive, or you simply need a personal accompaniment service while on a visit to London or other UK major cities, we can tailor a personalised, round the clock personal protection, so you can progress with your daily activities in the knowledge you're fully protected and in good hands every step of the way. We also provide personal protection and security services to Film TV crews, music bands, music festivals, and anybody involved in entertainment industry.

At London Security Services, we don't regard ourselves as bodyguards. We'd rather like to think of ourselves as personal protection specialists who are capable to provide discrete and low profile protection with minimal imposition on our clinets - enabling them to go about their day-to-day business as usual.

Our both, males and female Close Protection Operatives are fully-licensed by the UK SIA authority and have extensive operational experience in working with high profile executives, A-List celebrities and foreign royal families. They can act as low-key and discreet or high profile and overt.

Each member of our team has to meet stringent criteria to become a Close Protection Operative. They have to be emotionally and intellectually intelligent, well mannered and physically in top shape. They also have to have a good command of English and at least one foreign language. Some of our CPOs can act as interpreters.

The job of London Security CPO requires any member of our team to have many key skills - covering everything from being organized, IT literate and being comfortable and familiar with acting, sometimes, like a PA for our clients. Being a good CPO is far from being huge and looking intimidating. It's often about being someone who can blend in the background and look like the rest of the group.

Confidence and discretion are the heart and code of everything we do: Our security specialists - most of them ex military - have deep understanding of personal protection and the entertainment industry. They are discreet, courteous, and highly trained to deal with any potential problems before they develop, while maintaining a low profile to minimise unwanted attention and disruption.

The key to smooth and effective running of client's personal protection planning and preparation. Prior to any contract or assignment, we gather the necessary intelligence and complete a full threat analysis & assessment to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities. Then we present you with the most cost-effective security solution that works with your budget and your lifestyle.

Our services varies from threat assessment and security recommendations to a complete round-the-clock protection solution involving a dedicated team and more than one vehicle . Our CP operatives are expected to conform to appropriate religious and cultural protocol on all assignments.

If you are scheduled to appear in court and you think you at risk of being intimidated, we can provide round-the-clock protection and escort you one way ro court, during the court session, and on your way back home.

Each of our team is carefully selected based on each client specific security requirements. For each assignmen, we deploy the right people- not the available people.

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